Toni'Mo Da Truth

"First Lady of Texas" 


Tonika “Toni’Mo” Moore is a self-motivated independent performing artist, songwriter, rapper, singer, and producer from Dallas, Texas. Toni’Mo began creating her legacy in 2010 creating music and performing locally in Dallas “Triple D” Texas. The release of her first single “Peep My Feng Shui” and her first mixtape “First Lady of Texas” in 2012 captivated listeners with her southern-hood slang yet graceful aura. She has also released three singles on iTunes “Peep My Feng Shui,” “Grind 2 Shine,” “Qing,” and her latest mixtape, which is available on, titled “Toni’Mo Da Truth.” Over the years Toni’Mo has continued to push forward to one day become a Grammy Award Winning artist, songwriter, and producer despite her God given testimony from battling Breast Cancer, while attending UNT of Dallas to obtain a Bachelors of Psychology, and being pregnant with her second child. Toni’Mo has continued to strive for success in the music industry by performing locally (e.g. South Side Ballroom, RIP The Mic, The Green Elephant, and Lucky Lounge in Austin, TX) attending SXSW, and continuously producing quality, timeless music.